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Alex. NYC. 25. iPhone. Sleep. Work. Greek. Drinks. Xbox 360/One/PS4. Facebook. Awesomesauce.

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Team photo!! #beer #bbq #memorialday #beergram #bbqgram #latergram
Now I need to get a fresh pair of Johnston & Murphy’s to lace up
One beer left!! #beer #croxleys #competition #mondays #whogoesoutonmondays (at Croxley Ales Ale House)
MONDAYYYYY #mondays #starbucks #coffee #letsdothis
Bottle’s got some LOTR map shit going on on the label #wine


American 1950s Diner

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why are there no posts about me on thisĀ 

this is an outrage

Oh, would someone just stab that guy?

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petition to rename the earth ‘punishment orb’

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Ugh decisions

Do I masturbate, watch a tv show or play video games.

I don’t got time for all 3 lol

You know you’re following too many blogs that post a lot of porn

When you get on tumblr and you’re horny before 10 am lol